Monday, April 19, 2010

Zebra oh zebra...

I found this interesting fact about zebra at wikipedia.
The name "zebra" comes from the Old Portuguese word zevra which means "wild ass".

Hahaha..preety funny dowh if u translate it this way.
 wild = liar
ass = punggung
thus,wild ass = punggung liar???


Now, if somebody messed things up with u..instead of saying 'I will kick your ass', maybe u can change it to 'I will kick your zebra'..Cool!!

Actually, wild ass means 'kuda liar' but if u use the word ass separately, it will become 'punggung'


Dont't know why but, recently i kinda like to spend my time searching for not-so-important info from wikipedia. I even search for 52 themes of our national day  few days ago and try to memorize each of  it until I fall asleep!..kehkeh. What a boring me!!(-_-)"


Is zebra black with white stripes??

Or white with black stripes??

I love 'punggung liar'..I mean, Zebra!;p
Suka tak??

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