Thursday, December 30, 2010

Suka duka kehidupan


I made a BIG mistakes this week and i regret it so much..

I was so lame n stupid at that time and i couldn't think of any good reason why i behave like that.. It was so not me! I can't stop from blaming myself for hurting someone's feeling with my 'harsh words'. Who am i  laa to say such word! Ayoyoo! Grr.. (Ketuk kepala 10 kali!)

Sometimes i just hate my job because it took away all my sweet girly attitude and happy-go-lucky person in me that i used to be. From day 1, I work so hard just to pleased people around me and now, i started to become like an ugly monster and so mean when they didn't pleased me and not up to my standard.. Huhuhu.. (Seriosly, terbayangkan Wilhemina dalam Ugly Betty. Huhu)


How I wish i can erase that moment in my mind.. But, there's a say.. 'life is just like writing with a pen.. u can cross out your past but u can't erase it'..

Definitely not a good ending that i expected for 2010.. But it's a year full of ups an downs and i will cherish every moments and learn my lesson from all the wrongdoings and flaws. Let's hope for a great new year, people! May we all be blessed and surrounded with loads of loves

To everyone that i hurt..I'm soOOooo sorry and i will try to fix my emotion and work extra hard to be a better person ;)

seposhen-dua : need to get loose a lil' bit and enjoy life to the max!.. i missed the old me ;'(

Kita minum dulu! ;p

Suka tak??

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