Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am back, yehaa!


It's been quite a while since my last visit to this blog (Poyo!)

I've been thinking too much about what topics to be publish in my blog. I want it to be interesting and sound like some sort of 'come back' in writing.. Bahaahaa (Poyo lagi!) 
*big grin*

Currently, lotsa interesting things happened in my life  and i feel that i had to write it somewhere. Yup, i will write and publish in my blog.. i did not own a diary since form 5 because my mom had read it (spot check routine for schoolworks, tapi ntah cmne masuk skali spot check diary. Uwaaa..). She started asking too much questions after that..   Eheheh.. Suprise suprise mak!


It's already 2 p.m and i had too finish my work. Pening meeting pagi tadi pun tak hilang lagi.
(i know.. i know.. lame excuse and yet still poyo!).

Later on la i tulis-tulis (janji pelesu..poyo lagi!)

Till then,

Take care readers poyo! ;)


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