Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me in Wonderland

It was 12 midnight  when something strange happen in the dark.
Whoaaa..A round bright 'thing' is smiling to me? Creepyyy! Something look like this..

'Hey girl, wake up!', said the Mr Smiley-creepy-thing.

..and suddenly my little red lamp start talking too..
'Is this muffin real??? It looks yummylicious!!'

Am I dreaming? Is this a nightmare??

I shut my eyes tight but still, I can hear a voice saying..

'Hello muffin..Can I eat u?'

'Ahem! Excuse me..Don't You dare! The muffin is mineeeeeee'

'Owh oh~ but..but..I saw it first Mr Potato..I mean, Mr Radio!'

'Aiyayaya..Come on You guys. It's not a real muffin dowh..There's money in it. Olalaaa'

*jaw drop*
Are they come alive just to talk about muffin? WT-Fruit?

Please God help me. Don't let my lamp suck my blood. I'm anemic ;p

Go away you crazy lamp! Shiohh~ *praying hard*

'Goodnight dear...we will coming back! Hihihi..' said Mr Smiley


Ahaaa..At last,

The sun shines..

Pheww~ I love sunny bright happy morning =)
How 'bout u?

Suka tak??

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