Friday, May 7, 2010

Membeli buah sambil menyanyi riang

Hello peeps!

I enjoy watching this video. Seriously, I would love to see people sing their heart out while shopping at Billion or TF. Try to imagine that~ (ok, people might think im crazy now..Hihi)

I have a song which I love to sing when I was a student back in UKM. Despite 'Lagu Varsiti Kita', 'Lagu Ilmu, Mutu dan Budi', 'Johnny Boy', 'Arerang' (it's a korean song), and 'Nigthtingale' ( I was one of the two lucky Malay girls in ARTISUKMA UKM choir group ), me n my roommate all-time-favourite-song was 'Lagu Ais Kacang'. Haha..(Hida, do you remember we did sang this song before we go to sleep and had an argument about the lyric?)

Hihi..I just love it!

Have a happy day and put up a smile in your face people! Today is friday!! Yay! :D

Suka tak??

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